Monday, June 7, 2010

May Allah s.w.t Bless Gazans

Until today, the whole nation is awaken by the humanitarians crisis in Gaza. Without realising, its about one and half millions Palestinians remain prisoners of the largest open-air jail on this planet since Israel's seize on Gaza began in December 2008.

Through my reading, Israel's army demolished more or less 15,000 homes, destroyed factories and ministries and chopped off minarets from mosques. Even the American School in Gaza, a sprawling establishment was completely destroyed and Israel bombed schools run by the United Nations. Israel used illegal weapons against the people of Gaza during this war, killing hundreds and wounding the thousands of civilian including children.

The question is, when will this ethnics cleansing will end? What is the ACT....ION taken by the United Nation rather than romantically critisized?
For me the answer is nothing will happen as long as the US & Europe government is behind the Israeli wrongdoing action.

Only ALLAH s.w.t. knows what is hidden behind all this tragedy. May ALLAH s.w.t bless all the Gazans.

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  1. Feel like voicing out to the world...why can't we live happily and peacefully in this planet? Why must torturing children..let them grow healthily to lead future nations? My heart sick and pain.......


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