Friday, August 27, 2010

Flood in Pakistan

Aids is dropped to those who do not want to be lifted out of the flood zone

Bridges and hotels were wrecked by the devastating floods

Residents in Zarinabad have been wading through flood water to salvage their belongings

Sindh is now being described as the worst-hit province

More than 16 millions people have been affected by Pakistan's worst flooding in 80 years

Ten of thousands of cases of diarrhoea have already been reported

A substantial amount of farmland has been inundated by flood waters

Many people are now camping at the sides of the roads with a little shelters or supplies

This man tied a chicken round his neck to save his belongings

Large parts of Pakistan are now in vast inland ocean

These frail, blind women were turned away from an aid station

Only people who had ID cards were allowed to receive aid

It is estimated 20 million people have been affected by the floods

Survivors who fled their homes without identity cards are being refused aid at relief camps

Friday, August 13, 2010

Malaysia donates RM3m to flood-hit Pakistan

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia yesterday gave a US$1 million (RM3.2 million) donation to Pakistan to help the country handle its worst floods in 80 years which have killed 1,600 people and displaced more than 15 million.
Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Datuk Richard Riot Jaem handed over a cheque for the amount to Charge d'Affaires Ad Interim of the Pakistan High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Dr Imtiaz A. Kazi, at Wisma Putra here.

Riot said Malaysia was concerned about the plight of the people of Pakistan who were facing the most devastating floods in the country's history.

He also said the ministry had launched a disaster fund to enable Malaysians to donate to the victims in Pakistan. 
Donations could be channelled to the fund through cheques in the name of "Tabung Bencana Kementerian Luar Negeri", he said.

"I hereby appeal to members of the public, corporate figures, corporations and individuals to come forward to assist our brothers and sisters in Pakistan." -- Bernama

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normalthought: Disasters....they came without warning...once strike, more life, goods and belongings gone in second. May Allah swt bless those sufferers and victims.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mavi Marmara reaches Turkey

Three ships that were taking humanitarian aid to Gaza while they were attacked by Israeli troops on the 31 May night have reached Turkey after being kept for more than two months.
Mavi Marmara reaches Turkey
08.08.2010 - Mavi Marmara reaches Turkey
The ship named Defne-Y arrived at Iskenderun Port in Hatay Province late at the night, while the Mavi Marmara boat, which was the scene of a bloody raid that killed nine activists, docked with the port early in the morning. And finally Gaza named ship arrived at the port accompanied by coast guard boats. Bullet scars on the wheelhouse of Mavi Marmara reminded the terrifying raid.  
Public prosecutor, insurance companies, and United Nations delegation are expected to have inspections in the three ships. Mustafa Özcan, public prosecutor of İskenderun, came to the port and observed the ships from a distance for a while. Özcan talked to TRT reporter Elif Akkuş, who was on the board during the attack, about the incident. Only officials were allowed into the ships. Port authorities informed public prosecutor would have inspections and insurance and appraisal companies would perform damage assessment the following day. A UN delegation is also expected to take part in inspections.    
Hüseyin Oruç, assistant head of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, stated the Israeli raid on the 31 May on the ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza was definitely an act of piracy, adding the boats were not carrying anything other than relief supplies. Oruç noted they have five demands from Israel, saying “Israel should apologize for the mistake, pay compensation to the wounded and relatives of the killed, allow the UN to set up an inquiry, lift the inhumane embargo on Gaza, and immediately handover the captured boats. We believe the UN commission to investigate the incident will come up with a fair report.” 
It was reported that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had met in Bodrum with former undersecretary of foreign ministry Özdem Sanberk, who will represent Turkey at the four member UN investigation panel. Headed by former New Zealander Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer, the commission includes former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, Sanberk, and an Israeli diplomat. The commission will start investigating on 10 August and is expected to produce a report by 15 September.    
The scar of the incident
A port worker who boarded the Mavi Marmara boat to help anchoring said he saw scars of the terrifying incident. He said he saw piled up clothes, some of them bloody, and damaged navigation equipment in the wheelhouse. There were life-vests on the ship, all drawers and cupboards had been trashed, passenger luggage was scattered all around, he said, “There is a strong odor in the ship coming from spoilt food. There are even half-full teapots prepared before the raid.”  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lady Gaga wins record 13 MTV video music nominations

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Lady Gaga won a leading 13 nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday, setting a new record for the most nominations ever in a single VMA season, MTV said.
Rapper Eminem was the most nominated male artist with eight nods after the success of his latest album "Recovery", while Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber scored his first nomination in the best new artist category for the music video of hit single "Baby".
Newcomer Ke$ha joined veterans Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Usher and indie band Florence and the Machine among the other nominees.
Lady Gaga has two entries in the coveted video of the year category -- "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" featuring Beyonce -- where her competition includes Eminem for "Not Afraid" and rapper B.o.B for "Airplanes".
The glam pop singer also won nods in the best pop, best dance and best female music video categories.
"I'm so honored for all the little monsters and self-professed freaks of the universe, to have more VMA nominations in a single year than any artist in MTV history. Ironically, I'm even more proud it's an unlucky number; 13," Lady Gaga said in a statement.
"A long time ago the world told me and my little monsters we would never be heard, together we changed the rules. God put me on Earth for 3 reasons: To make loud music, gay videos, and cause a damn raucous. Thank You MTV!," she added.
The awards will be presented in a live telecast from Los Angeles on September 12.
Eminem noted sarcastically that the award show fell in the middle of his U.S. tour. "Apparently MTV doesn't care that I have two massive stadium shows on the other side of the country the day after the VMAs," he said. "I mean, I'll be there but don't expect me to be nice about it."
Viewers can vote for the general categories on website starting on Tuesday, and voting by text message for the best new artist will continue throughout showtime on September12.
(Reporting by Jill Serjeant; Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)

Monday, August 9, 2010

School dropout held over robber

KUALA TERENGGANU: A 14-year-old school dropout was arrested for gang robbery after a student reported that a group of seven youths had robbed him of RM100 at a bus station here on Saturday.
Acting state Criminal Investigation Department chief Superintendent K. Manoharan said in the 6.30pm incident, the student was waiting for a bus when two youths on a motorcycle approached him. Later, five other youths arrived at the scene and all seven beat up the victim when he refused to hand over his money.

He said the victim then lodged a report at the Kuala Terengganu police station at 7pm.

"The 14-year-old suspect was picked up when he was found loitering around the bus station not long after the victim had lodged the report. We are now looking for six other suspects, aged between 15 and 20 years old."

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Normalthought: What will happen in year 2020 if the youth behaviour remains the same....their morals is down to zero. If the govt today can't get a better solution to overcome this problem....than that its, we are loosing quality citizen for the upcoming years.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beware of 'ubat kuat', warns Health Minister

illustration only
illustration only
KUALA LUMPUR: Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai on Thursday advised Malaysian men to be beware about using unregistered health products, especially "ubat kuat lelaki" (aphrodisiacs sold indiscriminately) as they contained scheduled poisons.

He said most of these products in the market generally contained scheduled poisons like sildenafil, tadalafil and verddanafil, which are active substances in sex stimulants.

"The public must be careful. Most of these "ubat kuat lelaki" products contain drugs," he told reporters after making a visit to the National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau near here Thursday. 
He said among the side effects users of the "ubat kuat lelaki" faced were heart attacks, strokes, brain haemorrhage, high blood pressure, loss of hearing and sight which at times could be permanent.

Liow said products with the three active substances were becoming more diversified and easily available, like mixed with coffee and even ice lemon tea.

"I think it is high time for us to stop all these nonsense and abuse in this country. I take this very seriously. Do not buy such products, he said, adding that his ministry would go all out to bring to book those peddling these unregistered products. - BERNAMA

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normalthought view : So guys what do you enjoy your lust or cut short your life.....happy ding dong.....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anna Nicole Smith drug trial starts Wednesday

By Alan Duke, CNN
August 4, 2010 -- Updated 0107 GMT (0907 HKT)

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Two doctors who treated Anna Nicole Smith in the months before her death and her lawyer-boyfriend go on trial Wednesday on charges they illegally conspired to provide the actress with drugs.

Steven Sadow, the lead lawyer for Howard K. Stern, said the defense team was "very pleased" with the jury of six men and six women who were sworn in Tuesday afternoon.

Opening statements were scheduled for Wednesday morning. Lawyers predicted the trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court could last up to three months.

Potential jurors were asked more than 100 questions, including personal questions about their prescription drug use.

Smith's boyfriend Stern, along with Drs. Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor, face 23 felony charges, including three counts of conspiracy to dispense and administer controlled substances to a known addict.

The three also are accused of conspiring to use false names to obtain drugs for Smith, a practice defense attorneys have argued was intended to protect the celebrity's privacy.

Smith died February 8, 2007, from what a Florida medical examiner ruled was "acute combined drug intoxication."

Judge Robert Perry dismissed several jurors because of what he called "language problems" or because they expressed opinions suggesting they had already concluded guilt in the case.

The judge described one juror as "dull" and predicted she would become a problem if allowed on the jury.

Judge Perry ruled at the end of a 13-day preliminary hearing last fall that there was probable cause to try Stern and the two doctors for involvement in an alleged conspiracy to provide drugs to a known addict.

"Evidence in the record strongly suggests she was an addict," he said.

Perry said "there was a widespread and ongoing effort" to obtain drugs for Smith, whom he characterized as a "strong-willed person" intent on getting drugs.

The doctors may have been "blinded by the celebrity of their patient," Perry said.

A defense lawyer said the case could have a chilling effect on doctors who treat patients for pain, since the doctors could be held criminally liable if their prescriptions are deemed excessive.

Witnesses described Smith as weak and "zombie-like" much of the time in the months after September 11, 2006, when her 20-year-old son died in the Bahamas hospital room where she was recovering from the birth of her daughter.

Sadow argued that Stern should not be charged because he did not know his companion was an addict or that it was illegal to obtain medication with a prescription written out to a false name.

"He's being charged here with doctor-related activities, which doctors have specific knowledge of and he's just a layperson," Sadow told the judge.

Prosecution witnesses outlined evidence that the doctors wrote many prescriptions using several names, including Stern's, for drugs intended for Smith.

"One of their theories is that the mere prescribing of medications using a pseudonym is a crime and it's rebutted by the fact that some of the most respected hospitals in this city use this practice to protect the privacy of some of their celebrity patients," Eroshevich defense lawyer Adam Braun said.

Prosecutors argued that Stern used the false names to get double doses of dangerous drugs to feed the addiction of the former Playboy model and reality TV star.

Kapoor's lawyer said prosecutors could make it difficult for California doctors to treat their patients for pain.
"If this prosecution is successful, you can all plan to call the D.A. office every time you ask your doctor for a prescription for pain, because that's going to be the standard," attorney Ellyn Garafalo said.

Perry agreed with Braun's argument that Eroshevich, a psychiatrist, "deeply cared for Anna Nicole Smith and was well intentioned" with her treatment.

"I made that observation," the judge said

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Debate over whether child rapists should be hanged

KUALA LUMPUR: The suggestion that convicted child rapists be sent to the gallows has sparked an active debate as yet another case of sexual abuse of a child emerged yesterday.
There was mixed response from both sides of the political divide on the suggestion, with Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil saying that capital punishment alone was not sufficient deterrent for child rapists.

While she supported the death penalty for child rapists, she said it was more important to focus on the social and moral environment which produced such criminals.

“We need to refine our community values and prepare measures to protect the vulnerable in society, especially children.” Shahrizat said a thorough study was required to ascertain the effectiveness of the death penalty as a deterrent. She said the issue was complicated by the fact that the majority of child rape cases were committed by family members, fathers, uncles and brothers.

“In such cases, victims might discouraged from reporting instances violence, particularly if they know they be responsible for the death of member.” She said the imposition of the penalty might even worsen the situation as a rapist might be more inclined to kill his victim.

Shahrizat said an alternative would be a lengthy jail sentence for child rapists.

Sarawak Women and Family Council chairman Datin Fatimah Abdullah said the death penalty would be a powerful deterrent against “heinous crimes”. But she echoed Shahrizat’s sentiments in saying more should be done to counter the problem.

“The death penalty will not make up for the intense trauma suffered by rape victims,” said Fatimah, who is also minister in the Chief Minister’s Office.

The maximum jail sentence for rape under the Penal Code was extended from 20 to 30 years in 2007.

The call for capital punishment was made by DAP chairman Karpal Singh who called for an amendment to Section 376 of the Penal Code on rape to include the death penalty as the mandatory sentence for child rapists.

Ironically, two of his detractors on the issue were from his own party.

Bukit Mertajam DAP member of parliament Chong Eng said the death penalty would not change the situation as rape was difficult to prove while Beruas DAP MP Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham said the death penalty should be reserved for the most violent crimes.

Chong Eng cited a study by the Penang-based non-governmental organisation, Women’s Centre for Change, which revealed that only four per cent of reported rape cases were successfully prosecuted with the rest dismissed due to lack of evidence.

The Wanita DAP chief said prevention was the key to the issue of child rape, adding that parents and school authorities should discuss matters relating to sex openly with children.

“Many children are unaware of what kinds of behaviour or touching of body parts are inappropriate, leading to many cases being underreported.”

She said there was a need to speed up court processes as lengthy prosecutions discouraged many victims from speaking up about their ordeal.

“These cases should be prioritised as they involve children, who may not be emotionally developed enough to handle long trials,” she said, adding that child victims of rape should be provided counselling.

Ngeh said the death penalty should only be meted out if the rapist was also guilty of committing extreme violence.

The Perak DAP chairman said child rapists should also receive psychiatric treatment to control their psychological and physical urges.

“Uncontrollable sexual urges or sex addiction can be reversed through treatment.”

p/s: Death penalty for rapist won't solve the problem...agree with Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. Give public canning is most suitable.....

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