Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Five ways to fabulous, sexy eyes

Research tells us that attraction to the opposite sex always starts with the eyes, whether it’s a shy glance or a full-on, I-can’t-take-my-eyes-off-you stare!

In fact, while we may not notice it, when we see someone that takes our fancy, our pupils react involuntarily by widening. So it makes sense to keep your eyes in perfect health and, of course, beautiful, for the day that you clock that special someone across a crowded room.

1. Checks and balances: Regular eye checks (every two years) might eat into precious time, but they’re important both for eye health and general health. An eye health check can spot signs of eye conditions before you are even aware of any symptoms, as well as advising whether contact lenses or glasses are needed. And, if you can’t actually see across that crowded room, it’s not going to help!

2. Bright and beautiful: There is nothing prettier than bright, sparkling eyes, and there are a couple of tricks you can use to make them look fresh and twinkling. Few celebs venture out without using drops containing an ingredient called Naphozoline Hydrochloride, which, despite its medical sounding name, is found commonly in over-the-counter brightening and whitening eye drops. By narrowing the blood vessels and relieving congestion, eyes look brighter and clearer within seconds. The other thing you can do is have a laugh! People with a smile in their eyes definitely have a special twinkle that is so appealing.

3. Depuff daddy: Puffiness around the eye area – usually below the eyes – detracts from the intensity of your eyes. Resulting from congestion and fluids building up, puffiness can often be worse first thing in the morning, although fluctuating hormone levels and dehydration can also cause puffiness. Ensure your fluids are sufficient, and avoid caffeine and alcohol that encourage fluid retention. A good night’s sleep is a must – tired eyes can look red and swollen. Keep a teaspoon in the fridge and apply it in the mornings by gently pressing the back to the skin as the coldness can help to bring swelling down, or if you don’t fancy that rude awakening, try gently tapping around the eye area with your fingers to shift congestion as though you are drumming your fingers. If you have continued puffiness, check with your doctor who may suggest anti-inflammatory medication.

4. Kohl seller: If you’ve never used a kohl eye pencil, it’s your secret weapon to sexy eyes! The ultra-soft, usually black, make-up crayon is designed to be used on the inner rims – upper and lower – of the eyes to create a dramatic and mystical look that always gets noticed. For those who want something a little gentler, kohl pencils can be found in browns, purples and blues.

5. Totally lashed: As the frame to your eyes, lashes play an important part in how pretty your peepers look. When you remove your eye make-up, always do it gently. Lashes are easily broken and lost if you are too vigorous. The new breed of mascaras and lash treatments that condition your lashes so they stay strong and grow long are proving to be a real hit and definitely make a difference. Because eyes look more intense with dark, sooty lashes, investing in a salon lash dye will make your eyes more noticeable, or glamorous lash extensions a la Cheryl Cole. They are expensive, however.

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