Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fresh wave of student protests against tuition fees

Protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square in London in this latest day of student protests

This is the latest news on demonstrations by UK students fighting against fees hiked.
Students are staging demonstrations and marches across the UK in the third day of protests against increasing tuition fees and university budget cuts.
Students have been marching in central London and events are taking place in Leeds, Sheffield and Bristol.
Students have been moving quickly across the Westminster in what appears to be an attempt to avoid police "kettling" tactics.
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has urged students to reconsider the fee plans.
In Nottingham, protesters are claiming to have staged an occupation.
Occupations are continuing in a number of other universities, including University College London and Newcastle.
'Cat and mouse'
In freezing conditions, several hundred protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square - many appearing younger than university students.
Some youngsters ran into Whitehall and were held back by a line of police.
Mounted police have been moving through Westminster, the scene of clashes in two previous protests.
Demonstrators appear to be trying to avoid being caught in police lines, after thousands were held in a "kettle" last week.
A 19-year-old student told the BBC their strategy was to avoid being contained by police: "Whenever the police block us off, we turn round and go the other way.
"We also do not want to be panicked into violence. Smashing up windows was necessary in the beginning to get the demonstrations on the front pages, but now any violence would be counter-productive."
The protest has been broken up into groups moving quickly around the streets around Westminster.
There had been warnings from police about the risks facing younger demonstrators - with many school children having taken part in last week's protest.
MPs are expected to vote on the fees package before Christmas.
It remains uncertain whether Liberal Democrat ministers will abstain or support the proposals to raise tuition fees to £9,000 per year.
At the general election, Liberal Democrat candidates gave personal pledges to students that they would vote against any increase in fees.


  1. Yes..i`m following the demonstration news as well.The riot police has got no choice but to handle young demonstrators with greater care.


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