Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celine Dion Debuts 6-Week-Old Twins Eddy & Nelson

Celine Dion appears on the December, 7, 2010 cover of Hello! Canada with her twin boys, Eddy and NelsonHello! CanadaAccess Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Meet Celine Dion and Rene Angelil's twins, Eddy & Nelson!
The singer debuted her new bundles of joy in the pages of People and Hello! Canada on Wednesday.
"The love and what I feel inside, what we have accomplished - I don't know how to put it into words," Celine told People, referring to her difficult journey to conceive. "It's bigger than life itself."
The singer has discovered her new twins, who were born on October 23, aren't allowing her to get much sleep.
"I don't know how women do it," Celine told Hello! Canada from her home in Jupiter Island, Fla. "Every day Rene asks, 'Did you sleep well?' I'm like, 'You must be kidding! There is no sleep!'"
The demands of her new twins have also kept the 42-year-old from her usual pop star attire.
"I nurse both babies at the same time," she told Hello!. "I'm in my pajamas until lunchtime and there's no time to shower."
According to People, the singing sensation is slated to return to her Las Vegas show on March 15.

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