Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daughter who 'ate too much' was actually pregnant

A mother in Sarawak who thought her teenage daughter had been eating too much was shocked to find out she was five months' pregnant, reported Oriental Daily.

The 40-year-old mother had noticed that the belly of her 14-year-old daughter was unusually big when she took her for an outing in Julau on Dec 14.

However, when asked about her condition, the daughter said she had been eating a lot.

Worried, the mother rubbed medicated oil on her daughter's abdomen before sending her to a hospital in Sibu for a medical check.

She was shocked when a doctor told her that her daughter was five months' pregnant.

The girl could not explain her pregnancy and her family believes she could have been raped.

Source: Oriental Daily


  1. ibu dia pun satu...tak kanlah perut kenyang dengan perut hamil 5 bulan x boleh bezakan..aduhh...sengal juga ibu budak tu...hihihi


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