Friday, December 24, 2010

Doctor dies of overwork

Dr Chen Chih-Chuan
Dr Chen Chih-Chuan
A doctor at the National Taiwan University Hospital is suspected to have died of overwork.
Dr Chen Chih-Chuan, 41, of the Department of Neurology, collapsed and died last month.
Soon after his death, another doctor from the same department, Dr Tseng Sheng-hong, 55, fainted while on duty at the hospital.
Dr Tseng, however, recovered after receiving treatment.
Dr Chen was found at his home in Taipei by members of his family, who went to check after they lost contact with him.
He had died by then.
According to his colleagues, Dr Chen had been working for more than 12 hours daily for about six months before his death.
They said he had to go to round the wards, analyse brain wave reading reports as well as carry out medical research and education work.
They believed Dr Chen died of overwork.
Source: ETTV, Taiwan

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  1. so sad.....their health ministry should look seriously on this case.....


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