Friday, December 24, 2010

Gamer mom kills crying son

A cyber games addict killed her crying child in South Korea.
The 27-year-old mother had been playing games for four hours when her three-year old son urinated on the floor and started crying.
This infuriated the woman. She grabbed the toddler and strangled him.

The woman, who has another son, aged one, kept the three-year old boy's body in the house for three days before a relative discovered it and called the police.
Police arrested the woman, surnamed Kim, who apparently played online games daily, often up to 10 hours.
According to South Korea government statistics, the country has about two million addicted gamers.
Last month, a teenager killed his mother who tried to stop him from playing online games.
The 15-year-old then killed himself.
Source: Ming Pao

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