Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cop: Amount of coins taken by motorists unknown

SEREMBAN: The police have yet to ascertain the amount of coins collected by motorists after an accident spilled RM75,000 worth of coins onto the North South Expressway near Pedas on Tuesday.
This is because the driver of a Toyota Hilux carrying the steel container with the coins has yet to lodge a report on the missing money.
District police chief ACP Saiful Azli Kamaruddin said the driver only lodged a report on the accident but did not make any mention about the missing money.
“We are only investigating what caused the accident as there was no report made on the missing coins,” he said yesterday.
The coins, which were kept in a steel container in the back of the Toyota Hilux, spilled when the box was flung out of the vehicle.
Traffic along the stretch came to a halt when motorists stopped to collect the coins.
They scooped the coins into their helmets, pockets, plastic bags and whatever else that they could find until they were stopped by cops who arrived a short while later.
Some were seen squatting on the highway to collect the 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen coins and refused to budge despite pleas from its owners.
Others were seen running into the middle and fast lanes to collect the coins with no regard for their own safety.
Policemen, assisted by PLUS employees, later collected whatever was left for safekeeping.
The driver of the Toyota Hilux Zairul Hisham Mansor, who was travelling from Shah Alam, with a friend, said the coins were supposed to be distributed to stores in Malacca.
Both were slightly injured in the accident and given first-aid treatment at the scene.
The driver of the other car, a BMW, and his friend who were believed to be heading south, were admitted to the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital for treatment.
Asked if action could be taken against those who took the coins, ACP Saiful Azly refused to comment since there was no report lodged on the matter. - theStar

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  1. serve them right......after all its not theirs....
    or another word, if the owner agreed treat it as "sedekah"........


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