Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cross-dressing male student found dead in toilet

An undergraduate was found dead in his hostel bathroom wearing only a corset and a pair of fishnet stockings.
Police believed the Year Two electronic student of the National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan, surnamed Peng, died in a kinky sex game that went wrong.
Police searching for clues at the hostel
Police searching for clues at the hostel

When he was found, Peng's hands were tied at the back and a rope – with one end tied to a tap – was coiled around his neck.
The tap was still running when a student found him sitting on the floor in a bathroom cubicle.
Initial investigations showed Peng died of suffocation in the incident last Saturday.
It is learnt he has a girlfriend in his hometown in Taoyuan.
Peng had on last Friday called home to say that he would return the next day.
He also told his father that he was not very happy because he did not do well in the examinations.
A post-mortem would be conducted to determine the cause of death.
Peng's roommates did not believe that he would take his own life.
"We chatted with him in the room and he behaved like normal," they said, adding that Peng was a cheerful person.

Source: Agencies

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