Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dad turns out to be big bad wolf

THE story about a girl and the big bad wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale has led a 12-year-old pupil in Singapore to confide that she had been raped by her father for five years.
Apparently, her teacher read the fairy tale to the class and advised them not to let strangers touch them.
According to China Press, the girl later mustered enough courage to tell her teacher what her father did to her.
Her confession led to his arrest in February last year.
Police investigations found that the father had taken advantage of the girl when no one was at home.
Prior to raping her, he would instruct his daughter to shut her eyes and place her hands behind her. He would also order her to take a shower after the rape and then dropped her off at school.
The court case came up in Singapore on Tuesday.
In mitigation, the father said he loved the girl and had only raped her as he was drunk.
China Press also reported that a 17-year-old girl left a posting on Facebook, threatening to commit suicide on the eve of Chinese New Year.
Apparently, the teenager from Ampang, Selangor, was upset as her boyfriend dumped her after they had sex.
He even has a new girlfriend now.
The teenager said she wanted to go public about her suicide bid as she wanted to teach the guy a lesson.
As a prelude to the suicide, the girl posted pictures of herself cutting her wrist.
Her posting was viewed by about 15,000 people. About 120 of them left messages on the page, urging her to reconsider her foolishness. - theStar

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