Thursday, January 13, 2011

Indonesia slams Saudi maid abuse sentence

Members of Migrant Care Indonesia protest over the alleged torture of Sumiati Binti Salan Mustapa, outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in Jakarta

JAKARTA Jan 12 - Indonesia said Wednesday a three-year jail sentence given to a Saudi woman for brutally torturing her Indonesian maid was “too light”, and promised to back an appeal in the Saudi courts.

A court in the Saudi city of Medina sentenced the woman to three years in prison for stabbing, beating and burning the Sumiati Binti Salan Mustapa, 23, with an iron.

Her sentence was lighter than the maximum penalty of 15 years, Foreign Ministry spokesman Michael Tene told AFP.

“The judge there had found the employer guilty of abuse but her three-year sentence didn’t fulfil a sense of justice,” he said.

“Prosecutors there, with support from Sumiati’s lawyer provided by the Indonesian government, have lodged an appeal.”

The Saudi woman slashed Sumiati’s face with scissors, scalded her with a hot iron and beat her so severely she broke the young woman’s bones and caused internal bleeding.

Rights groups say millions of mostly Asian domestic workers are regularly exposed to physical and financial abuse in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states due to poor or absent labour laws.

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  1. ringannya hukuman yg diberi....patut didera spt apa yg dia dah lakukan.


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