Saturday, January 15, 2011

Man killed in robbery by grandson, pals

JEMPOL: A 71-year-old man came home to find his grandson and his friends ransacking his house – and when he decided to call the police, one of the youths stabbed him to death.
According to his wife, the man was shocked when he came across his 17-year-old grandson and three other teenagers ransacking his house at Felda Palong 2 near here at 9pm on Thursday.
The 57-year-old woman said the couple had earlier found their clothes strewn all over and the cupboards ransacked upon their return from attending tahlil prayers for her mother-in-law in Bukit Rokan.
“We found a parang on the floor and a short while later, we heard voices from a room upstairs,” she said, adding that they were shocked to see their 17-year-old grandson chatting with three teenagers inside.
She said her husband lost his temper then and immediately told her to call the police.
“One of the youths suddenly lunged at my husband and began stabbing him repeatedly. The same youth also hit me,” she said tearfully at her home.
She said although her husband was bleeding profusely, the youths grabbed a bag containing cash and jewellery worth some RM10,000 before fleeing.
“He was grabbing his abdomen and watching the kids run away. I’ll never forget the look of disappointment on his face to see his own grandson committing such a heinous crime,” she said.
Her husband died from excessive blood loss while she needed 30 stitches for cuts on her shoulder, chest and arms.
State OCCI ACP Hamdan Majid said the grandson and his friends, including a girl, were detained several hours later.
The suspects were aged between 15 and 18 years. - theStar

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