Monday, January 31, 2011

S'porean jailed for sex with daughter

The man had consensual sex with his then 20-year-old daughter.

A man in Singapore who had consensual sex with his 20-year-old daughter was jailed for three years on Monday.
The 47-year-old freelance plumber admitted to the incest at the master bedroom of his flat in April 2008.

Both cannot be named because of a gag order.
The daughter, now 23, was initially charged in March last year but was later given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal.

The accused had failed to turn up and the court issued a warrant for his arrest.
The court heard that he had been bringing his daughter for drinking sessions with his friends at coffeeshops since 2006.

As they spent more time together, they became emotionally closer, and eventually, this developed into a sexual relationship.
Deputy Public Prosecutor Leong Wing Tuck said on one night in April 2008, both returned home after a beer drinking session. The accused's wife was not at home.

While the accused was lying in bed, a small argument broke out between them when she showed little interest in talking to him as she was busy checking her e-mails on the laptop computer at the edge of the bed.
She apologised, and he asked her for a hug. They began caressing each other.

They then had sex. A week later, they had a heated argument over the issue of her furthering her studies. She then texted a friend to call the police, who arrested him.
Source: Straits Times


  1. macam2 yer kak wan... rindulah p mana lama mnghilg niyh??

  2. begitu la dunia skrg...kita ni penonton & juga pelakunya.....moga Allah sentiasa lindungi kita agar berada dipaksi yg betul....
    x hilg kemana-mana...ada..cuma sibuk sebab bdk dah mula sklh, pak mentua x sihat dll.


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