Wednesday, January 5, 2011

‘Tutor was in love triangle’

GEORGE TOWN: Tuition teacher Lim Chee Hwa, who fell to his death from a five-storey block of shoplots in Perak Road here, was believed to be involved in a love triangle.
A colleague, who declined to be named, claimed Lim, 21, who had a girlfriend in the Klang Valley, had revealed to him that he was very “close” to one of his Form Two students and had gone out with her several times.
“Lim looked troubled and got restless easily over the past few days, probably because he was having problems with his girlfriend.
“I had also advised him to tread with caution over his relationship with the student,” he claimed when met at the Penang Hospital mortuary on Monday night.
On Sunday, Lim, who had just celebrated his 21st birthday, was found sprawled at 9.50pm in the car park area.
Lim started as a teacher at the centre’s branch in Johor three years ago before coming here a year ago.
The colleague, in his 20s, said he and Lim were preparing for the new school term and syllabus at the tuition centre, located on the fifth floor.
“He rushed out immediately after receiving a call. I chased after him and reached for his hand but it was too late,” he said.
Lim’s mother Phang Kwee Chin, 45, however, said she had never heard of her son facing such problems.
“Chee Hwa never told us of any girlfriends. I don’t believe it,” Phang said before claiming her son’s body at the mortuary here.
Also present were Lim’s brother Chee Chin, 26, and other family members.
Phang said her son told her that he was interested in a woman who rejected his advances years ago.
“I have never heard him having any relationship. He was always busy with tuition work,” she said.
Meanwhile, Chee Chin pleaded for the return of his brother’s handphone which went missing after the incident.
“There could be important numbers or details saved inside the phone.
“We need to know who was the last person my brother had spoken to before his death,” he said.
Chee Chin can be reached at 016-7108611.
Lim’s body will be cremated tomorrow at his hometown in Pekas Nenas, Johor.

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