Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fugitive Japanese stripper hiding in Philippines

Minako Komukai is wanted in Japan for possession of amphetamines
Minako Komukai is wanted in Japan for possession of amphetamines
The Philippine immigration bureau confirmed Thursday the arrival of stripper, actress, TV personality and former bikini model Minako Komukai in Manila last month and said there is so far no record of her exit.

Komukai, 25, is wanted in Japan for possession of amphetamines in February 2009. Immigration records show she arrived Jan 21 on a Delta Airlines flight from Tokyo.

Under Philippine law, she can stay 21 days in the country as a tourist and may seek extension for up to 59 days by applying for a visa waiver and paying necessary fees.

An intelligence officer of the immigration bureau said there is no record Komukai has applied an extension to her visa or of her leaving the Philippines.

Police in Tokyo issued a warrant for her arrest this week.

A spokesperson for a management agency that dealt with Komukai before she was found guilty of amphetamine possession in February 2009 said: "We have received no information indicating that Komukai is in the Philippines."

Meanwhile, a talent management agency that worked with Komukai until October of last year said in a statement: "We have never heard that she is fond of the Philippines or that she is a regular visitor there, so we cannot speculate about why she might be there now."

After her arrest in 2009, Komukai was given an 18-month prison term, suspended for three years. She only worked periodically last year, mainly as a stripper and in a bondage film.

The latest indictment came after police arrested a gang of Iranian and Japanese drug dealers last summer and Komukai’s name was among their list of customers.

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