Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Govt to bring Malaysian students out of Egypt using aircraft or ships

massive tides of peaceful protestors

KUALA LUMPUR Feb 1 - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said tonight the government had decided to bring Malaysian students by air or sea out of Egypt due to the worsening anti-government uprising in that country.

He said the decision was made after receiving a report on the situation in Egypt from the Malaysian delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohilan Pillay and which also included the prime minister's political secretary Datuk Sahlan Ismail.

"Some immediate measures will be taken to bring the students out of Egypt,” he told Bernama, here. One of the measures is to ask Bunga Mas 5, a container ship guarded by a Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) vessel on duty in the Gulf of Aden, to sail to the Port of Adabiya, about two and a half hours' journey from the south of Cairo, to ferry the students out of Egypt.

"The container ship, which can accommodate about 500 students on its deck, is expected to arrive at the Port of Adabiya on Feb 5,” said Najib.

The prime minister said he had discussed with Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman on asking Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia to make special flights to Cairo to also bring the Malaysian students home.

"They (MAS and AirAsia) will inform me tomorrow on the possibility of using their aircraft for the mission,” he said.

Najib said the government would also try to bring the students out to Jeddah and to temporarily house them at the Tabung Haji Centre there until flights were available for them to return to Malaysia.

However, he added, some matters had to be sorted out first like the students' visas.

"The government is therefore communicating with the Saudi Arabian government for our students be allowed to be brought in to Jeddah.”

Najib said the government would provide more information on the matter to the students and their parents tomorrow. - BERNAMA

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  1. think of all the cost the parents have to incur.... My husband has two friends with children there ... OMG...


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