Monday, February 14, 2011

A love that never grows old

KUALA TERENGGANU: An elderly couple from Kampung Bukit Bucu in Batu Rakit, here, celebrated Valentine’s Day early – and for the first time in their life.
The candlelight dinner for octogenarian Chin Yi Ai, 88, and his wife Tay Sek Hue, 79, was organised by six of their children, three of whom are now Muslims.
Chin and Tay married five decades ago but never celebrated Valentine’s Day due to family commitments.
Chin Ying Ai, 88, giving his wife,Tay Sek Hue, 79, a bouquet as they are joined by their children and grandchildren during their first-ever Valentine candlelight dinner at a leading resort in Merang, Terengganu. The children decided to hold a Valentine’s Day dinner for the couple who had always been busy working for the family. — ZABIDI TUSIN/ The Star
“This is what Valentine’s Day is all about. During our younger days, we never had the chance to celebrate this event.
“I wish I was younger so I could express my undivided love to my wife during this auspicious day,” a frail Chin murmured when met on Saturday night.
The couple’s children and grandchildren were present to add to the merriment.
Chin’s only daughter, Faridah Chin Abdullah, 40, said her siblings decided to hold a Valentine’s Day dinner for their aging parents this year as they never had one before.
Faridah said she spoke to her Muslim brothers Abdul Manan Abdullah, 50, and Anuar Abdullah, 42, and they agreed.
“Islam promotes love and affection between people. We felt there was nothing wrong organising this dinner for our parents as our gift to them,” she said.
“I do agree from the Islamic viewpoint that unmarried couples should not celebrate as it could lead to immoral activities,” she said. - theStarOnline

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