Saturday, February 26, 2011

Student sexually harasses teacher

A secondary school student has been accused of sexually harassing his female teacher in Taiwan.
The Upper-Grade Three student was said to have stalked the teacher near a lift at the popular school in Taichung.
On Oct 18, last year, the student even masturbated in front of her and said: "Teacher, I wish to … with you."
The issue was brought to light by Legislator Lo Shu-lei, who complained that the school did not punish the student.
Instead, it asked the teacher to go on leave until the teenager graduated, Lo said.
Lo said the teacher also asked the school for the CCTV clip - which believed could have captured the imager - but was rejected.
The teacher has not gone to work since the incident.
But the school said they have arranged for the middle-aged teacher to resume classes next week.
Taiwan's Education Ministry is investigating the incident.
Source: China Times

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  1. why must they do this...just to keep the school image clean or what? Unbelievable...when highlighted to media then only action taken.


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