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Valentine's Day synonymous with vice, Jakim tells Muslims

PUTRAJAYA: Islam has never rejected the good things brought by the Western world, including in matters concerning love and the way of showing our love to others, said Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director-general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz.
"We accept and celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, for example, to commemorate our love for our parents.
"At the same time, however, Islam would reject anything, even from the Eastern culture, if it contravenes the Islamic teachings," he said when launching the 'Mind the Valentine's Day Trap' campaign here.
He said Islam was not opposing the celebration of love, but vice activities that usually took place during the celebration.
"That is why a fatwa (edict) was issued to prevent and advise Muslims not to celebrate Valentine's Day because in reality, as well as historically, the celebration of Valentine's Day is synonymous with vice activities," he said.
The fatwa, issued by the National Fatwa Council during its 71st conference almost six years ago, stated: "The spirit of Valentine's Day celebrations is associated with elements of Christianity and vice activities that are prohibited in Islam."
Wan Mohamad said the explanation on this matter was vital to ensure that Islam would not be defamed as opposing all festivals and celebrations of other religions like Christmas Day, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Gawai and the like.
"We just cannot get involved with other religion's worshipping rituals. In a social event, we can always join the non-Muslims, no problem.
"Our leaders also attend such an event. Even the muftis attended tea parties organised by their neighbours celebrating Christmas," he said.
The 'Mind the Valentine's Day Trap' campaign is aimed at preventing Muslims, especially teenagers, from celebrating Valentine's Day which falls on Feb 14.
He was responding to concerns from the Christian community that the edict had erred when it referred to Valentine’s Day as a Christian observance.
“To suggest that Valentine’s Day is observed by Christians is unfair and misleading.
"Valentine’s Day is a secular observance that is not celebrated religiously by churches in Malaysia or worldwide," said Council of Churches of Malaysia general secretary Reverend Dr Herman Shastri. - theStarOnline


  1. Valentine's Day is not for Muslim, if you want to show yr love, show it in Islamic ways.

  2. Hmmm...talking about Valentine's Day, for how many years whenever approaching 14th February, I always sent SMS to many of my Muslim friends that if celebrating Valentine would be such a never-ending big issue, why not we as a Muslim community in Malaysia create our very own one annual special day to display our affection or extraordinary pure love towards our wife, fiancee or whoever that we love passionately.

    And for many times I suggested to them for the Malay Muslim why not we create our own so-called "Kassim Selamat Day", as an alternative to "Valentine's Day". (Note: Kassim Selamat is character played by P.Ramlee in "Ibu Mertuaku" a 1962 film)

    Well...Kassim Selamat's display of pure love towards his wife, Sabariah is legendary. There is no way Valentine will ever dare to poke or dig-out his own eyes (with abnormal sized wooden fork & spoon without the help of an eye surgeon and without anaesthetic) like what my Kassim Selamat did 49 years ago!

    All in the name of his pure love towards Sabariah. Ralph Waldo Emerson used to say: "Let not a man guard his dignity, but let his dignity guard him". That was exactly why Kassim Selamat did that dare-devil stunt. Mind you...what Kassim did was not a "suicide attempt" which is sinful. He just wanted to return to his "status quo" as a blind man. It is more honourable than seeing his beloved Sabariah cuddled by notorious Dr Ismadi. Silly? Maybe. But were you born yesterday? Don't you ever know that love between a non-mentally retarded man and a non-mentally retarded woman often filled of "mad" things. Indeed.

    Oh I hate Dr Ismadi, the eye surgeon and also Nyonya Mansoor, the mother 'outlaw' who was so 'zalim' and who have never appreciated Kassim Selamat's pure love towards her daughter, Sabariah.

    And yes you are right....tomorrow, 14th February when I wake up I will say to my wife with a lot of passion in my sweet romantic voice: "HAPPY KASSIM SELAMAT DAY to you, my dear wife!" Sound weird? You bet. But at least I am not uttering the word "Valentine". And shall we say this Kassim Selamat (the blind man "not-by default") can certainly say with authority that "Love is Blind"! (Khairul Hisham Hassan. A Malaysian in Jakarta.

  3. are right & agreed about that.

    Not a bad idea to create such a day but you know our Malays especially youngsters today looking forward to be western & forget their roots & lacks of IMAN.

    Anything from western they will follow cause its give funs, joys & thrill. So sad....they can't even use their brain wisely as gifted by ALLAH to differentiate which bad or good.

  4. Today, Malaysia made the headlines again in the international scene. I view this with growing concern as intolerance escalates within our shores. Let me try to put perspective into this whole issue.

    Firstly, to reject any religious view (whether Islam or other religions), or any other worldview, equates that one prefers another view of reality. We always make judgements about almost everything, in contrary with our views. Nobody in this world may dictate, “I don’t know if my views are right but I certainly know that you are wrong.” This is because we believe that other person’s view is wrong and ours is ultimately correct.

    Secondly, no one can claim to provide an end on the explanation of the nature of reality. However, not knowing everything about reality should not be used as an excuse to believe anything we want to. No views in this world provide any comprehensive answer. All of us harbor some biases believing in what we do, but that is not a valid reason to believe it’s truth claims.

    Thirdly and most important of all, all beliefs are not equal. Tensions between differing religious views have existed since the dawn of time. But here the need to exercise tolerance towards others’ beliefs does not mean that one has to champion the illogical idea that all views are equally true. Every religion, like all belief systems, are exclusive in the manner that it asserts its claims are true. There is nothing wrong in believing with what is true and false.

    We should understand by now that real differences exist between all Malaysians (and the rest of the world) that tolerance is necessary and also a virtue. The definition on tolerance that we belief in is ‘being tolerance of all views’. To me, real tolerance is equated with ‘putting up with errors’. We should also come to terms that all beliefs are not made to be equal.

    My fellow Malaysians, it is your call now.

  5. Rajesh Calais: thanks for the point of view & you are correct about it.

    What we need is respect and tolerate amongst us Malaysian to live in harmony.

    For youngsters outside there, you can celebrate whatever days you wants but PLEASE celebrate it wisely without hurting our parents, espcially MUSLIMS. We need to respect their rights as our guardian.


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