Monday, March 21, 2011

Ex-hubby falls ill on Krisdayanti's wedding day

Indonesian pop diva Krisdayanti finally tied the knot with her millionaire beau, Raul Lemos, in a mosque in Central Jakarta on Sunday morning.

KD (as Kris is fondly known), who divorced from singer/musician Anang in 2009, with whom she has two children, married Raul at Sahid Nurul Iman Mosque inside the Sahid Hotel complex.

But all eyes were on her famous ex-husband - who was a no-show at the wedding despite being invited.

Apparently, Anang was down with a bad flu.

But his kids came for their mummy's big day.

“My beloved wife, I hereby fulfill my payment of dowry to you. I hope it will be of use to you,” Raul, the Timor Leste entrepreneur, said as he handed Krisdayanti a set of prayer paraphernalia, common dowry among Indonesian Muslims.

He then kissed the forehead of his wife, who replied saying, “My beloved husband, thank God, I hereby receive the dowry and I will make use of it. I hope Allah blesses us.”

The couple then exchanged wedding bands before kissing each other, reported.

They will hold their wedding reception on March 25.

Her bestie, Malaysian pop diva Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, will double as the wedding singer.

Source: The Jakarta Post/ANN

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