Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gay casanova with HIV plays out 200

KUALA LUMPUR: A HIV-positive gay casanova is believed to have conned nearly 200 young men of their money and valuables besides having sex with them.
So far, 193 youngsters have claimed to be victims of the man with at least 100 saying they had sex with him before they were cheated of money, laptops and other items.
The victims, some teenagers, said the casanova claimed to have fallen in love with them to gain their trust.
His conquests were discovered after one victim posted a photo of the man on Facebook, and other victims recognised him.
One, who only wanted to be known as Lee, 24, said he met ‘Alvin’ through Facebook last August and they soon carried on a relationship.
“He came to my house last month and stayed with me for three days,” said Lee, who lost RM3,000 when the casanova made off with his laptop, wallet and credit cards. He lodged a report with the Kota Damansara police station.
Another victim, Kor, 22, said he had been conned into sleeping with the man two years ago.
“He said he loved me and wanted me to be his boyfriend,” he said, adding that they had spent a night together in a hotel before the man ran off with the RM400 in Kor’s wallet.
“I want him to be stopped before he harms more people,” said Kor, who has yet to get himself tested for HIV.
The youngest victim, 17-year-old student Tai, met ‘Kelvin’ through a pen-pal magazine last October.
“He invited me to come over to a hotel room,” said Tai, adding that they had sex before going back to Tai’s home.
‘Kelvin’ then disappeared after stealing Tai’s laptop worth RM3,000. Tai has already tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease.
MCA Public Services and Complaints Department chief Datuk Michael Chong said the number of the casanova’s victims was shocking.
“We believe there are many more who do not want to come forward due to shame.” - theStarOnline


  1. It's really funny & weird to fall in love with same gene and now who is in lost? God created man with woman but yet these loots of people denied it, so they deserved it.

  2. Someone get mad with me because of my point of view. Dont blame God (Allah) in this matter, cause God give you brain to think which one is good or bad, what is wrong or right. So use it unless you already strive harder to avoid this from happen, then only we can say "it's stated under God's will".

  3. How so easily people can be cheated today and for the wrong reasons, so strange, thought people are more exposed and educated to be aware of what is happening around.

  4. Its funny how can they just simply have sex with guys they know from the internet.....i have nothing against gay people but when you simply go around and sleep with people,well like kak wan said you desert it......its just nonsense you know a guy for 2 days and you have sex with him....

  5. same goes to me, its really weird to have sex with people you hardly know them especially from the cyber. They are well educated person, why can't they think before do it.

    For youngsters out there, please updated and alert own self from being conned and get cheated.

    If for me, I goes for woman not man because I'm a normal man even animals wont go for different sex.

  6. Ooops...sorry for all gays and lesbians for my word...I didn't mean to hurt you all but well...we are different kind of person...sorry again, no heart feeling.


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