Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pet cat clubbed to death

Cruel ... Mike Dixon battered family cat to death

A pet cat in the United Kingdom was clubbed to death by a would-be Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament.

Mike Dixon, 53, killed the family cat Tipsy with repeated blows to the head and body with a walking stick, after the pet scratched one of his grandchildren.

He "lost his temper" and clubbed the feline to death at the family home. 

Tipsy, the family cat for five years, did not die quickly.

It suffered "multiple" blows and could have died up to half-an-hour after the assault.

Dixon, who gained 15.66% of the votes when he stood as a Lib Dem candidate in the General Election, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a cat and was jailed for 16 weeks. 

Dixon's daughter-in-law Sally witnessed the gruesome act.

Dixon announced he was going to kill this cat.

Sally said, "I noticed Mike holding the walking stick in his hand. My mother-in-law looked a bit panicked - she screamed: 'No, Mike no'."

"I heard repeated banging upstairs. I thought Mike was smashing the place up.

"Mike came into the room looking calm - almost spaced out. He said: 'I've killed the cat'."
Source & Images: The Sun March 13 2011

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