Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Robbery victim in nightgown makes daring escape

ALOR SETAR: Wearing only her nightdress, a woman outwitted a gun-toting robber and escaped by jumping on a schoolbus and telling the lady driver to drive away fast.
The robber even fired shots at insurance company sales manager Low Sew Kiow, but missed. He fled the scene when the neighourhood awoke to the gunshots.
Low’s early morning drama began when the masked robber broke into her house at 5.50am.
She was asleep with two of her children in her bedroom at her Taman Sinaran home here.
Low was awakened by the robber who entered her room with one of her daughters and maid.
She said the robber had entered the house through the front door that had been open.
Low, 45, said the robber ransacked the bedroom but was unhappy with the loot of several handphones, a digital camera and more than RM5,000.
Low said he wanted more money and she suggested that they go to the bank.
Low said the robber locked her daughters, aged 16 and 20, and a son aged 11 and their maid in the master bedroom before leaving the house with her. Another son, aged 22, was asleep in another room.
She said that once she stepped outside the house she immediately ran to the road and yelled for help.
She then stopped the schoolbus and told the driver Rosimah Darus, 57, to drive away fast.
Rosimah said the robber pointed a pistol towards her schoolbus after the screaming Low had stopped her vehicle.
She said she was shocked to see the shivering woman that she nearly forgot to drive her schoolbus after the man fired at her vehicle. She drove off for about 100m before Low asked her to stop.
Kota Setar district OCPD Assistant Comm Adzaman Jan said police did not rule out the possibility that the robber had an accomplice who was waiting for him outside the house. - theStarOnline

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