Thursday, March 3, 2011

Student claims teacher attacked him and given RM50 by principal to hush matter

PETALING JAYA: A Form One student has accused a trainee teacher of hitting him and also claimed that the school principal later offered him RM50 to hush up the incident.
“I was calling out ‘cikgu’ to the teacher who was standing about 15m away. He rushed forward suddenly, grabbed me and scolded me for being rude before hitting my head with a pile of books,” said Tang Wai Zhe, 13.
The incident supposedly took place at the school corridor during recess time on Monday and was witnessed by a group of students.
At a press conference yesterday, Wai Zhe claimed that he suffered bruises and a scratch on his neck.
Mark of assault: Wai Zhe showing his injuries to Dr Wong at the press conference yesterday. – AZMAN GHANI /The Star
“At the encouragement of my friends, I went to complain to the principal,” said Wai Zhe, adding that the teacher subsequently apologised to him.
However, Wai Zhe alleged that he was offered RM50 by the school principal who told him not to tell his guardian about the matter.
“The principal told me to take the money and not make a big fuss as the matter was already resolved.”
Wai Zhe’s father, Tat Wai, later lodged a police report.
Also present at the press conference were Petaling Jaya Utara Federal Development Coordinator Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou, New Village Development Committee (Chem­paka, Petaling, Selangor) chairman Loke Moon Hoong and several disgruntled parents and students who aired their problems with the school administration.
A parent, who did not wish to be named, alleged that her son was unfairly dismissed from the school last year and was now a dropout.
“The senior assistant informed me that my son was not fit to be in the school and forced me to sign the dismissal form after the PMR examination last year,” she said.
A Form Five student alleged that the senior assistant did not allow 13 boys from his class to register for the SPM examination.
Dr Wong urged the school principal to engage in discussions with the parents and to pay attention to the students’ welfare.
“What is important is that students are allowed to continue schooling and sit for examinations,” he said. - theStar

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  1. a kid story from a kid..Theoretically, if student called you "cikgu", will you give the uppercut combo to that un-clever boy..stupid student


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