Friday, March 4, 2011

Tug-of-love girl Bi-Anne gets some good news at last

Crying for joy - Twelve-year-old Low Bi-Anne, who is caught in a custody battle spanning Malaysia and England, wiping away tears of joy after the Family Court ruled that her mother cannot take her away to London for now

PUTRAJAYA: She had always been in tears when leaving the courtroom.
But for once, 12-year-old Low Bi-Anne shed tears of joy.
Bi-Anne, who has been home-schooled for fear of being abducted by her mother, said after leaving the Court of Appeal yesterday: “I’m so happy! I can go to school, starting tomorrow. I miss my friends.”
The three-member panel granted an interim stay on the RM400 daily fine slapped on her father Low Swee Siong, as well as an interim stay on the Family Court ruling that allowed her mother, Tan Siew Siew, 37, to take Bi-Anne to Britain.
Low, 40, a real estate consultant, had made six appeals pertaining to a Family Court decision that required him to pay the daily fine for each day he delayed in sending the child to Tan, a restaurant manager in Lon­don.
Yesterday, the Court of Appeal adjourned the hearing of the six appeals lodged by Low to March 22.
Justice Datin Paduka Zaleha Zahari, who chaired the panel, ordered for the stay to take effect from yesterday until the next hearing date.
“We consider it appropriate to grant an adjournment. The court will notify the respondent (Tan) of the new date,” she said.
The other two panel members were Justices Datuk Azhar Ma’ah and Datuk Clement Allan Skinner.
Tan had failed to send a representative to yesterday’s hearing and the court was hesitant to continue with proceedings as there were doubts as to whether Tan was properly notified.
Lawyer Datuk Jagjit Singh, who is holding a watching brief for Bi-Anne, informed the court that on Tuesday, a Kuala Lumpur High Court rejected a leave application to appoint social worker B. Vijayakumari G.A. Pillai, 60, as Bi-Anne’s guardian ad litem (legal guardian). - theStarOnline


  1. let her choose whom she wants to stay with... children happiness is most important.

  2. The point is that the mother had try very hard to see her daughter and tha father has'nt allow her, and it's not fair. The paternal family has denied the mother access to her own daughter. I think that the mother shoul get custody of the girl. and i'm pretty sure the the girl will get to love her mother

  3. The child that she does' nt love her mother, bacause she has'nt have the chacne to get ro know her and the mother deserves that chance

  4. If they let the child to chose she will never get the chance to know how much her mother love her. It's not right to let the father deprive to the mother having the girl with her.

  5. 我认为他们应该让妈妈带她到伦敦,因为她应该得到她的女儿,她有努力工作,去她的女儿回来时,父亲没有让她与孩子接触

  6. Bi-anne doesn't love her mother Because the family hasn't let her get to know Tan Siew Siew, I sure that if low bi-anne spend time with her mother, she would love the mother as much as her father

  7. Totally. After divorce, father side took care of her for ten years and never let her know her mother - Im sure the father side of the family also did that - otherwise where is the grandparents from the mother side? Im sure when they divorce the mother didnt have anything to fight back so she went off to make money to get her back. The victim here is the mother. Ppl feel pity for the child but it's the father at fault for not letting the mother see the child which is why. I am pretty sure the father side of the family told her - if your mother loved you so much where is she previously? why left you? It's so easy to get the child to side the father side and the father's family side.... Child see - they've been there for her and despised what she doesnt understand. I am sure when Low Bi-anne has a child of her own someday, she will fully understand the truth behind all this. The public only see how much Bi-anne loves her father and his father portrayed as this hero. But there is two sides of the same story. Always remember this. The mother is not a heartless bitch as some claimed. Remember the ex-husband is real estate negotiator who tends to earn in the ten of thousands of ringgit. That means he's well to do when they divorced and then pampered the daughter (money CAN buy love). What was Tan Siew Siew working as when they divorce? There is a reason why the judge made that call.


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