Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Woman seeks 1mil FB 'likes' to get wed

A British woman has sent out a worldwide plea to get one millions people to 'like' a Facebook page, so that she can get married.

Kelly Coxhead, 32, engaged to Paul Mappelthorpe for 10 years.

She has always been trying to convince the mechanic to marry her but failed.

Recently, the fiancée finally agreed to marry Coxhead on Nov 11, this year if she can get one million Facebook users to join a group.

Coxhead, of Swindon in England, has sent out her plea about a week ago.

She set up a group "I Need 1 Million People To Join For Paul To Marry Me C'm
n Guys Help Me Lol".

As of Monday, the group has only got 12,000-odd people to like it before her wedding day.

To help Coxhead, click here.
Source: Agencies


  1. so her out to make her dreams come true.

  2. if i were the girl, i wont marry this kind of guy cause he actually not ready to settle down. Hmmm... love is blind...lets vote for her.

  3. ayooo.. org cam ni pon de? hehehe.. lama gler diorg tunang, 10taun... =)


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