Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cops in China die from too much work

Overwork has been cited as the reason for the deaths of many cops in China.
The Ministry of Public Security revealed a total of 2,182 cops had died while on duty since 2006.
Among them, 47 per cent died from overwork.
"The Labour Law mandates an 8-hour day, but cops work much longer," said Dai Peng, dean of the investigation department of Chinese People’s Public Security University.
"Those who work in the front lines are subject to prolonged intensive stress that have seriously affected their physical and psychological health."
A survey in 2005 showed the cops usually work for 11 to 15 hours a day and often have only one day off after three weeks of work due to lack of personnel.
Shen Zhandong, a policeman from Zhengzhou of Henan province, died from overwork on his 28th birthday while carrying out duty in Urumqi on Jan 29 last year.
Source: China Daily / ANN

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