Thursday, April 28, 2011

Housewife who fainted on flight a drug mule

KUALA LUMPUR: A housewife who fainted on a flight back to Malaysia from a neighbouring country was a drug mule who had swallowed three capsules containing heroin.
Kuala Lumpur police narcotics chief ACP Kang Chez Chiang said the 56-year-old woman passed out on April 17.
He said once the plane landed at the Kuala Lumpur Low-Cost Carrier Terminal, the woman was rushed to the Putrajaya Hospital.
She was unconscious for five days, he added.
“Unsuspecting medical staff treated the unconscious woman for a few days.
“On the fifth day, when she passed motion, they found three capsules containing a total of 26gm of heroin,” he said, adding that the hospital called the police.
It is believed that the heroin leaked out of the capsules into her stomach, added ACP Kang.
“If one of the capsules had ruptured, she could have easily died from an overdose,” he said.
The woman is now under remand and is being investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act. - theStarOnline

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