Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love me or you'll be slapped

A Year Six pupil in Taiwan slapped a girl he admired five times after she rejected his love.
The boy, surnamed Lin, was transferred to the current primary school in Taichung last year.
Soon, he started admiring a girl from another class of the same grade.
He started writing love letters to the girl since December, but she ignored him.
On April 7, he telephoned the girl at her home, but she told him off, asking him not to call her again.
The fuming boy then ambushed the girl on her way to school the next day and slapped her five times.
The girl told her parents to complain to the school head.
According to the school authorities, the boy is from a complicated family and has disciplinary problems.
"He always bullied other students, beat them up with rulers or toys."
The school said they had arranged for Lin to attend some 40 counseling sessions, but the boy had not changed.
Lin was suspended for over a week and resumed school on Monday.

Source: Agencies


  1. Isy3..Kids nowadays.Dah lama juga tak visit this link.Ok,will come here more in the near future to view your latest postings.Thanks for commenting on mine as well.


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