Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Malaysian transsexual marries for UK visa?

A Malaysian transsexual has left her British husband just two weeks after attaining a visa to stay in the United Kingdom.
The Daily Mail reported that the husband, Ian Young, 32, is depressed and has tried to kill himself by overdosing on pills.
Young spent £12,000 (RM59,200) attaining a British visa for his Malaysian wife Fatine – who was born Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari.
She claimed she would be jailed if she returned to Malaysia and  included, in her visa application, death threats made against her on an Internet site in Malaysia.
Young, claims his relationship with the 38-year-old pre-operative transsexual also made it hard to keep his job in the UK as a school caretaker.
“I used every penny I had and I lost everything. I lost my job, I lost my house and finally I lost my wife. Looking back I realise she was using me to get a visa," he said.
"I feel like a fool. It was supposed to be the happiest time of my life. Now she won’t speak to me and she won’t get a divorce," he added.
The transsexual is now living on benefits in Manchester after failing to start a career as a showgirl in Blackpool.
Young did not realise she had been born a man when they first met in Malaysia, where he was working as a security guard.
When he discovered that she was, he continued the relationship despite her refusing to have a sex-change.
Young went from being a straight man to being homosexual.
Fatine later moved into his house in Derby on a six-month tourist visa.

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