Thursday, April 14, 2011

Man and sons hurt in fiery drama

ALOR SETAR: Thinking only of their father's safety, two brothers braved rising flames to pull him out of a burning room in Kampung Ruat, Yan.
However, the 51-year-old padi farmer Zinol Ismail refused to be rescued, and this resulted in the two boys, Badrul Amin Zinol, 14, and Amirul Hadi Zinol, 12, also suffering burns.
Zinol's wife Salmah Saad, 47, said Badrul had told her from his hospital bed that he was sleeping in the living room when he smelt something burning in her bedroom.
“He rushed into the bedroom, saw his father on fire and tried to pull him out. Instead, his father hugged him, causing the fire to engulf him.
“Amirul, who was also in the house at that time, heard Badrul's screams and ran into the room, where he managed to separate his brother from their father's embrace.
“My sons then ran to their grandparents' house several metres away,” she said when met at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital here.
The farmer suffered burns all over his body and was reported to be in critical condition at the Yan Hospital.
Police believe that Zinol had set himself alight with petrol after locking himself in his bedroom at about 7.15am yesterday.
Salmah said she returned home at about 7.30am yesterday after sending her nine-year-old daughter to school, when she noticed her two sons outside the house with burns on their bodies.
“I then rushed into my bedroom to find my husband clad only in his sarong rolling on the floor with the lower part of his body still on fire.
“I quickly shouted for my brother, who lives in a neighbouring house, for help. We both managed to douse the fire from my husband's body with several buckets of water,” she said.
Salmah said her husband was still conscious and repeatedly told her not to look at him, adding that he also apologised to his two sons while they were being sent to the hospital in the same ambulance.
Acting Yan OCPD Supt Syed Mohd Nashir Syed Darus said the farmer had received psychiatric treatment at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Sungai Petani but he had since stopped taking his medication. - theStarOnline

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