Monday, April 18, 2011

Man arrested for secretly recording women

A 40-year-old Korean man was arrested on charges of secretly videoing women over a period of six years, said South Gyeongsang Province police.
Lee took pictures of 1,014 women in showers, bathrooms and changing rooms from 2005 to March this year around Gimhae and Busan.

He always carried a digital camera whenever he went outside, sometimes holding it under women’s skirts and recording them.

Police found external hard disk drives and CDs at his place believed to contain photos and videos Lee took over six years.

His fetish for recording women continued when he was hospitalized.

He was forced to leave the hospital after being caught filming women in a shower booth, according to police.

Lee categorized the pictures by time and place and kept them in separate files titled “body parts,” “full shots” and “faces.”

Lee’s wife knew her husband had watched porn videos occasionally but was unaware of his fetish for filming women.

Lee quit his job earlier this year and started selling the photos he took online, earning 2.2 million won (US$2,024), according to police.

Source: Korea Herald/ANN

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