Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Police probe graveyard theft

KAJANG: Robbers desecrated the grave of a 64-year-old man by breaking his coffin and stealing some valuables.
It is learnt that the man, identified as Liow Yun Zhao, passed away after a long struggle with lung cancer on April 8.
He was buried at the Sungai Chua Christian cemetery here on April 10.
A cemetery worker discovered the desecrated grave at about 8am yesterday and notified the family members of the deceased. They lodged a police report at the Kajang police station.
A police forensics team discovered that the body had been disturbed and several items which were buried with him, such as a mobile phone, watch, two rings and cash of about RM100 from three wallets were missing.
The coffin lid and the deceased's clothes were also strewn on the ground.
It is learnt that the suspects might have had knowledge that the deceased was buried with the valuables and had desecrated the grave at night.
Liow's daughter said her father had converted to Christianity two days before he passed away.
“My mother, who is still alive, had earlier ordered a plot at the cemetery and my father, prior to his death, said he wanted to be close to her even in death,” she said.
Police said the case is investigated under Section 297 of the Penal Code for treating the remains of the dead with indignity.
Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah said this was the first such case reported in the state this year. - theStarOnline

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