Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Suspect who was shot arrested when lodging police report

SHAH ALAM: A crime suspect who was shot in the morning was arrested when he showed up at the Klang police station in the evening to lodge a report that he had been hurt by a stray bullet.
Police recognised the 26-year-old suspect and detained him.
The man and his accomplice on a motorcycle had aroused the suspicion of two beat police, also on motorcycles, who were patrolling Taman Sri Muda at about 6.45am yesterday.
Shah Alam OCPD ASP Zahedi Ayob said the duo ignored the policemen's call to stop and one of the suspects tried to attack them with a machete.
He said one of the police fired a warning shot but the suspects ignored it and continued their attack.
He added that two more shots were fired in defence, which resulted in the suspect's injury.
When they reached Taman Rashna, both the suspects abandoned their motorcycle near the Keris monument and ran off.
ASP Zahedi said police found blood stains on the motorcycle and on the helmet visor that were left behind.
The two police continued to track both the suspects who had run towards a housing area.
He said the first suspect, a scrap metal collector, was found nearly four hours later while the other was caught at the police station.
The suspects, who are drug addicts, are being investigated under Section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder after attacking the policemen. - theStarOnine

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