Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Woman surprised by teacher's detention over son’s death

ARAU: The 26-year-old teacher whose alleged assault resulted in the death of a seven-year-old pupil is a caring person, said the boy's adoptive mother Hazirah Chin.
Hazirah, 38, said the teacher had been close to her son Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee and had even given the boy a wristwatch, a pair of slippers and pocket money from the day he entered the school early this year.
“The teacher had also helped Saiful Syazani cope with hostel life,” she said yesterday.
Saiful Syazani died after he was allegedly tied up and repeatedly assaulted for two hours by a teacher at Sekolah Agama Al-Furqan's hostel here on Thursday night.
It was believed the boy had been accused of stealing by the teacher.
The boy, who was admitted to the Sultan Bahiyah Hospital with multiple head injuries on Friday, died at about 8am on Sunday.
Hazirah said she usually gave her adopted son RM10 pocket money a week and would pass the money to the teacher so that he could give him RM2 daily.
She added that the teacher had also bought a pair of slippers when Saiful Syazani lost his.
“I offered to repay him but he declined,” she said.
Hazirah said the last time Saiful Syazani returned home for the weekend, he brought back a wristwatch which he said was given to him by the teacher.
“I checked this out and found that it was true. Hence, I am surprised the teacher has been detained by the police (to facilitate investigations into her son's death) since he seemed to be a caring person,” she said.
Kangar CID chief Supt Nashir Ya said the teacher had been remanded for 14 days.
He confirmed that the police had obtained the post-mortem report on the boy's death.
School headmaster Yaakob Abu Soman declined to comment since the case was under police investigation.
It is learnt that the school, which was opened in 1991, accepts pupils aged between seven and 12. - theStarOnline

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