Tuesday, May 24, 2011

15 stranded on a ship

PORT KLANG: They have been stuck on a ship for over a year without adequate food, water and pay. They are also forced to sleep on the open deck.
The reason: The 15 seamen are on a detained container vessel, which is involved in a legal dispute.
The 11,690-tonne Chittagong-registered MV Banga Biraj is no longer seaworthy and is lying idle, rusting away at the deep water point off Northport here.
The ship's master, Capt A.K.M. Alamgir, said the poor living condition on the ship had forced one crewman to attempt suicide while another claimed that his wife in Dhaka had threatened to leave him following his long absence from home.
All hands on deck: The open deck is where the crewmen have been sleeping each night for the past year.

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