Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Errant m-cyclists will be slapped with maximum fine of RM300

SEREMBAN: Motorcyclists who break serious traffic rules, including not wearing helmets, jumping red traffic lights and not stopping at zebra crossings, will be slapped with a maximum fine of RM300.
Under new regulations for motorcyclists, which came into effect last month, no more discounts will be offered by either the police or the Road Transport Department (JPJ) for such offences committed by motorcyclists.
Previously, motorcyclists were offered a reduction of between RM70 and RM100 for all traffic offences.
JPJ director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said the decision to come down hard on motorcyclists was taken because the authorities were concerned over the high number of fatal accidents involving them and pillion riders.
He said that in the past three years, over 12,000 motorcyclists and pillion riders had died in road accidents.
“For instance, we can no longer tolerate motorcyclists and their pillion riders not wearing helmets as too many of them have died in accidents.
“Since a helmet costs less than RM50, there is no excuse for them not to wear one and put their lives at risk,” he told The Star.
Other offences that will earn motorcyclists RM300 fines are using mobile phones while riding, overtaking from the left, tailgating other motorists and speeding.
“It is sad that over 60% of all road fatalities involved motorcyclists and their pillion riders and the major cause of the accidents are speeding and failure to wear helmets. We need to stop this,” Solah said.
However, other offences will still have discounts subject to when the fine is paid.
“We have reduced some of the compounds if the offenders pay up faster as these are not serious offences,” he said.
Solah said motorcyclists who made illegal U-turns and who failed to stop at children's crossings would be allowed to pay a compound of RM100 if they settled the fines within two weeks.
The fine will increase to RM250 after the two-week period.
Fines for motorcyclists who park their machines next to fire hydrants, along pedestrian walkways and who hog the right lanes, have also been increased from RM60 to RM100 if paid within two weeks, RM150 within a month and RM250 if payment is made after a month.
Penalties for failure to display “P” plates, for failing to produce their licences for inspection and for displaying modified registration plates, now range from RM60 to RM120.
However, a compound of RM40 is allowed if they settle the fine within two weeks and RM70 if payment is made within a month. - theStarOnline

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