Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fasha Sandha learning to wash and blow

Actress Fasha Sandha is learning to wash and blow...

“I opened a hair salon called Chinta in Wangsa Walk three months ago and it’s doing very well. It’s getting lots of customers, so I have to help out a bit. I’m learning to wash and blow. In the future, I might learn to style people’s hair,” she says.

Fasha chose to open a hair salon because hair-care is very important to her.

“I used to go to a salon five times a week. Now, at least I get my hair styled for free,” she laughs.

Fasha insists that her prices are affordable. “ You can get your hair cut for RM15,” she says.

The 27-year-old has been acting for seven years and is about to begin shooting a 24-episode drama series with Aaron Aziz, called Dewa Cintaku, where she plays a broken-hearted singer. 

She also considering two movie roles, if her schedule permits.

“I can’t talk about them, as I don’t know if the shoots will clash with my current schedule,” she says.

And just how does she balance a busy acting career with running a hair salon?

“With lots of help from my mum,” she laughs. - theDailyChilli

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