Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First amputee to climb Mount Kinabalu attacked in hijack bid

PETALING JAYA: Melvin Tong, who made it to the Malaysia Book of Records last year for being the first amputee to climb Mount Kinabalu, was slashed in a car hijack attempt.
The 26-year-old car dealer said he was alighting from his BMW in Malacca on Sunday when a man, who was around 170cm tall, “suddenly appeared from nowhere”, pushed him away and tried to hijack his car.
A friend who had just come out of the front passenger seat then ran over to the driver's side and used her arm to stop the robber from closing the door.
But the man tried to grab her bag instead.
“It all happened so fast. I hit him with my walking stick because I was worried he would hurt her,” said Tong who received cuts on his arm and three fingers, which required 12 stitches in all.
Tong said he had driven his friend to a 24-hour convenience store before rejoining his twin brother and friends for a drink at Taman Melaka Raya in Malacca at around midnight when the incident occurred.
“A passer-by came by and shouted at the man,” he said.
“The carjacker then rushed out from the car, dropping a parang in his haste to get away.
“I didn't even know he had a parang with him until then. Neither did I realise that I had been slashed and was bleeding,” he added.
Tong and his friend were sent to the hospital for treatment.
Tong made the news in April last year when he climbed Mount Kinabalu on crutches to raise awareness on children's issues.
He lost his right leg to a cancerous tumour nine years ago. - theStarOnline

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