Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home-alone granny assaulted and robbed by woman and friend

MALACCA: A woman and her male companion barged into the house of a home-alone grandmother in Bakar Batu, Bachang before assaulting her and fleeing with RM500 in cash and valuables.
The two, in their 20s, entered through the front door that was left open by Che Yam Hassan, 65, at around noon yesterday.
“My mother was watching television at that time. She did not sense danger in the beginning,” said Che Yam's daughter Zaini Abu Samah, 43.
“She even berated the woman for being rude by entering the house without offering a greeting first.”
It was then that the woman intruder started to assault Che Yam, dragging her by the hair away from the sofa.
The woman also rained blows on Che Yam and tore at her clothes even as the victim begged not to be hurt any more.
“My mother said the male accomplice stood watch by the door,” said Zaini.
“The woman wore a transparent blouse and a mini-skirt,” she said at the Malacca Hospital here where Che Yam had been warded.
The two fled after stealing the money and valuables.
Che Yam was found lying unconscious when her elder brother Mohamad Abu Hassan, 75, came to deliver food at about 12.30pm.
Mohamad said he was shocked to see his sister lying on the floor, with her clothes torn.
He attempted to wake her.
“She gained consciousness a while later but was traumatised,” he said.
“She also complained of chest pain,” he said, adding that his sister was suffering from a heart disorder and other ailments.
He contacted his family members before rushing Che Yam to the hospital.
A police report has been lodged. - theStarOnline

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