Monday, May 30, 2011

Woman refuses to leave ex-boss' bed

A Chinese woman refused to leave her ex-employer's bed until he settled two months' salary that he did not pay her..
The incident caused an uproar at a quiet village in Nanjing, China, last week.
Neighbours, who learnt of the 2pm commotion, went to the house of Xu Qiang to find out what had happened.
They recognised that the woman was Zhang Wenqing, in her 30s, who had worked for several months last year at Xu's eatery.
"They were said to having an unusual relationship. Then, Xu's wife came from her hometown to check on her husband at the end of the year.

"Later, Zhang stopped working at the eatery," one of the neighbours  said.
Zhang being dragged out of Xu's house
Zhang being dragged out of Xu's house

Since then, Xu's wife had been staying with him until she returned to her hometown for a short break recently.
"The moment the wife left, Zhang showed up. We were wondering what was going on," a neighbour said.
Zhang, who claimed to be having an affair with Xu, said her ex-employer owed her two months salary amounting to 4,200 yuan (RM1,954).
She also demanded an apology from his wife.
"I telephoned him once and his wife scolded me over the phone. I want her to apologise to me," she said.
Xu, however, denied all allegations and called the police for help.
With help from the police and Xu's landlord, they dragged Zhang out of the house.

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