Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drunk senator arrested for car theft

The stolen Ford Excursion SUV and trailer
The stolen Ford Excursion SUV and trailer

A US senator was arrested early Sunday after he stole a SUV and a cargo trailer in Boise, Idaho and a blood-alcohol test showed that he had been drinking.

John McGee, 38,  who is Idaho Senate Republican caucus shairman, who represents Caldwell, was taken into custody by police on suspicion of felony grand theft and misdemeanor and driving under the influence.

Officials said a breath test found he had a blood-alcohol content of 0.15, nearly twice the Idaho state limit. He was booked into the Ada County Jail at 4:30 am.Senator John McGee had a blood-alcohol content of 0.15, nearly twice the Idaho state limit

Police Lt. Kody Aldrich told The Associated Press that McGee did not know the owner of the SUV and trailer, which became stuck as he backed into a neighbor’s yard.

Aldrich said the owner of the Ford Excursion SUV reported leaving the keys in the unlocked vehicle.

As McGee faces a potential felony charge, he will be held in jail until he goes before a judge.

The four-term  lawmaker’s first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

McGee, who is married and has a daughter, was named the Idaho Young Republican of the Year and Republican Legislator of the Year in 2006.

He is on the three Legislative committees - local government and taxation, state affairs, and transportation.

In the last legislative session, he introduced a bill requiring underage drivers to take safety training as part of a compromise to fend off road closures and maintain public access following a US Forest Service plan to close some roads to all-terrain vehicles amid safety concerns over underage drivers.

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