Sunday, June 26, 2011

Indonesian teen star filming in Sabah

Indonesian teen star Olivia Jensen, who has starred in six Indonesian movies, is filming in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, alongside local actor Kamal Adli.
The 18-year-old will be in a Malaysian film called Gerimis Mengundang, a love story inspired by a popular song from the 90s by the pop-rock group Slam.

“I play a good girl. I’m always playing the good girl! I'm acting alongside Kamal, who plays a helicopter pilot that my character Mikha, is in love with,” says the girl of Danish-Indonesian descent.

"It is my first Malaysian film and it’s my first time to Sabah. So I'm very excited," she says.
"Sabah looks beautiful with lots of nature. There are lots of festivals too.  I intend to try and have a holiday there after filming,” she laughs.
Jensen will be filming in Sabah for 20 days.
Although she is new to Sabah, she is very familar with Kuala Lumpur as she has been here a few times and has friends here.
"I know all the cool places to go," she says.

Jensen began acting when she was only 13 and has starred in Indonesian films likeBukan Cinta Biasa and Kembang Perawan.

Gerimis Mengundang will also be shot in Jakarta and is set to be in Malaysian and Indonesian cinemas, next year.
" Hopefully it'll be out by Valentine's's a dramatic love movie," she says.
The film is produced by Erama Creative Sdn Bhd and Excellent Pictures Sdn Bhd.
Jensen, is still in high school, and wants to take a year of to act before furthering her studies in business.

“I need plan B,” smiles the career-minded lass. -

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