Saturday, June 11, 2011

Man cuts off head of mechanic after attack

SIASAT...anggota polis memeriksa mayat mangsa yang disorok di dalam van.
foto: Harian Metro

PENAMPANG: A man hacked a colleague to death with a parang before cutting off his head with a cleaver, here, yesterday.

The attack on the Indonesian mechanic happened in front of two workers at an auto workshop in Kandazon here about 9.30am.

The workers tried to stop the assailant by hitting him with a metal chair. When this failed, they ran to a safe distance and watched as the suspect, a Filipino, decapitated their friend, Asri Patahudin, 37, who lay sprawled on the workshop floor.

District police chief Deputy Superintendent Ratan Kumar Singh said the 30-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene.

"He did not resist when our men detained him and we have also seized a parang and a cleaver from the scene," Ratan added.

Ramli Simmi, 38, one of the two workers, said the assailant had earlier asked him and another colleague, Andy Bryan, 37, where they kept the parang and was told that it was in the kitchen.

"He then took the parang and started clearing some grass near a bulldozer in the compound while the rest of us continued with our work," Ramli said. Suddenly, he attacked Asri who was working on an engine, hacking him on the neck and shoulders repeatedly until he fell.

"Andy grabbed a metal chair and struck him in the leg to stop him, but instead he tried to slash us with the parang. We ran out of the workshop and watched from a distance," Ramli said, adding that they saw the suspect chopping off Asri's head.

"We also saw him taking a small drum of used engine oil and dipping the head inside before putting it in a sack," Andy said.

"He then dragged the headless body about 10 metres before carrying it into a van in the workshop."

Police arrived following a report by villagers who had gathered at the scene on hearing the commotion. - NST

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