Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teen commits suicide after knocking old woman

A couple has launched a second attempt to claim compensation following the death of their teenage son in China.
They filed the papers last week, after the Fengtai District People's Court in Beijing rejected their first claim last year.
Liao Zhenping, 18, took his own life by drinking insecticide.
His body, together with six suicide notes including one for the police, was found near a railway intersection.
Liao Zhenping
Liao Zhenping
Liao had knocked down a 76-year-old woman while riding his electric bicycle to work on Sept 13, 2009.
The septuagenarian's son Wang Mansheng and four other people abducted the teenager and demanded 30,000 yuan (RM14,078) in compensation from him.
They first took Liao to his home, where his mother said she could not come up with the money.
Then, they took him to other places to borrow money, but he failed to do so.
Liao disappeared later, leaving a note saying he would pay the money in two days.
Since then, Liao never returned home and his highly decomposed body was found on Oct 22.
In one of his suicide letters, the cook at a small dumpling restaurant said he intended to pay the compensation with his own life because he did not have the money.
Liao’s parents - father Liao Liubin and mother Dan Qiying - blamed Wang and his gang for applying excessive pressure on the teenager.

Last year, the couple filed a law suit, claiming compensation of 770,000 yuan (RM361,341) from Wang and his group.
Source: China Daily / Agencies

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