Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Youth changes sex to earn money

A photo of Zhang, taken when he was in the police lock-up
A photo of Zhang, taken when he was in the police lock-up
A youth underwent a sex change operation as he believed it would be easier to make money from men.
Zhang Hailong, a Secondary student then, ran away from home in 2007 after an argument with his parents.
He worked at a bar in Suzhou, China, but was unhappy with the low income.
He complained to a friend who suggested that he "transform" himself into a woman as the GROs at the bar made at least 500 yuan (RM236) a day.
Zhang underwent a sex change operation and changed his name to Juan Juan. He returned to work at the bar as the owner, who bore the surgery cost, had promised to rehire him.
But Zhang could never stand the weird looks from the customers and wanted to work at a place where nobody knew his original identity.
Last year, he followed his netpal Wang Laiqing, 27, to work in Nanjing but the income could hardly cover the expenses of two people.
Then Wang wanted Zhang to stage a show to trick and rob businessman Zhao Bin, who had invited the transsexual for sex.
As the two were at the hotel room, Wang – who acted as Zhang's husband - stormed in and assaulted the innocent Zhao Bin while the transsexual pretended to be crying.
Then, Wang demanded a "settlement fee" from Zhao Bin before snatching away his necklace worth over 6,000 yuan (RM2,835) and wallet containing 500 yuan (RM236).
Zhao Bin asked his landlord to send 3,000 yuan (RM1,418) to Wang at Yanchangqiao Square.
But 30 minutes later, Zhang telephoned Zhao Bin, asking him to pay another 1,000 (RM473) to redeem his wallet.
Zhao Bin lodged a report and the police arrested Zhang but Wang escaped.
Zhang, now 21, was sentenced to four years jail and fined 3,000 yuan (RM1,418) for robbery.

Source: Yangtse Evening Post

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