Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Honeymoon murder suspect did not sleep with wife

Honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani did not sleep with his bride before they married - or on their wedding night, it is claimed.

The millionaire told stunned Anni, 28, they must not have sex until after the lavish ceremony in Mumbai, India.
But Channel 4's Dispatches programme will tonight reveal how the Swedish-born beauty cried herself to sleep alone on a sofa on their wedding day following a blazing row.
And just days before she was shot, she sent texts calling Dewani, 31, a MONSTER and mentioning DIVORCE. Cops in South Africa are now convinced the Bristol tycoon led a gay double life and ordered the hitman killing when his young wife threatened to end their marriage.
Dewani - who strenuously denies any involvement in the murder after a fake carjacking near Cape Town - has described as "ludicrous" claims that he paid a leather-clad rent boy dubbed "The German Master" for sex.
But Dispatches says police have interviewed another gay lover who told of a fling with the care home boss. And yesterday cops were reported to be investigating claims he regularly visited a gay club under railway arches in Vauxhall, South London, where clients wear kinky rubber or leather fetish outfits.
The TV programme - called Murder on Honeymoon - says dozens of text messages chart the couple's rocky six-week marriage before Anni's death last November.
In some, she says she is "back in love" with Dewani but most describe her torment and doubts.
The day before she was killed, she messaged one friend to ask: "What shall I do? I don't feel the way I felt before. I don't feel happy with him." Anni's sister Ami Denborg admits she thought Dewani's pre-marriage sex ban was "strange", but says the family assumed he was just being a good Hindu.
She also tells how a couple of weeks before the wedding Anni threw her ring back at him, saying she didn't want to marry.
Ami helped reconcile the couple, reassuring her sister she was just suffering from stress. But she tells Dispatches: "I regret that every day. If I hadn't done maybe she wouldn't have gone back to him and maybe she would be alive today."
A London court rules next week on South Africa's bid to extradite Dewani, who is on bail in a secure unit after suffering an apparent mental breakdown.

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