Friday, July 8, 2011

Lovestruck woman seeks missing boyfriend, 67

KUALA LUMPUR: Love knows no bounds for 82-year-old Ting Ah Moi, who has vowed not to give up on finding her missing 67-year-old boyfriend, despite not hearing from him for the past six months.
An emotional Ting even said she wanted to commit suicide if she could not locate temple priest Khong Chee Fook.
Ting: ‘I will continue calling him every day. I will buy a mobile phone somehow and call him’.
“I will not give up and I am willing to die for him. I am very much in love. I love him from head to toe,” said Ting, who has about 10 grandchildren, when met at the MCA Public Services and Comp­laints Department here yesterday.
Her touching story was recently highlighted in the media after she met department head Datuk Michael Chong in an attempt to locate Khong, who is married with children.
It was reported that she first met Khong at the temple where he worked two years ago.
She said both of them used to eat together at a vegetarian restaurant near the temple here before he disappeared six months ago.
However, there has yet to be good news for Ting, whose numerous calls to Khong have gone unanswered.
“I just want to see him and ask him why he disappeared. I am worried for his safety,” she said, adding that she believed fate had brought them together.
“I tried to look for him three times at his house in Batu Caves but the residents in the house denied that they were Khong’s family members and chased me away,” said Ting.
Ting is however unperturbed and said: “I will continue calling him every day. Even if I have nothing left to eat, I will buy a mobile phone somehow and call him.”
Asked whether she felt it was wrong for her to be involved with a married man, she said: “I never bothered his family.”
Ting, whose husband died 30 years ago, described Khong as a kind man with an honourable character.
“I don’t know why he disappeared. We did not argue when I last saw him,” she said.
“My friends would scold me for sacrificing so much for him,” Ting added.
Chong said his department had yet to receive any information on Khong’s whereabouts and would continue to help Ting locate her boyfriend. - theStarOnline

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