Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mum to disown son over funeral arrangements

A MOTHER wants to sever her relationship with her eldest son over a disagreement over what food to serve at her funeral, Sin Chew Daily reported.
The 60-year-old woman from Singapore wanted meat to be served at her funeral but her son insisted on having only vegetable dishes.
The mother of three also insisted that her children burn different types of offerings including paper cars, houses and hell money for her when she died.
However, the son, a vegetarian, took a firm stand and rejected her wishes, it reported.
The mother also suspected that her son had been making unkind comments about her in front of her sisters, which had caused their relationship to turn sour.
The mother claimed her son, an odd-job worker, had changed after he married five years ago.
“He does not bring his three-month-old son to visit me.
“I do not want him. I do not want him to come to my funeral,” said the mother, who had called a daily to express her wish to sever ties with her son.
However, her eldest son said he had apologised to his mother.
> Year-old baby boy Liu Zhi Xian, who had gone missing while under the care of a babysitter in Johor Baru, is believed to be dead, reportedGuang Ming Daily.
The boy’s father Liu Gui Lin, 27, said police had found a scalp beside a river after questioning the babysitter’s husband.
He said the police would carry out a DNA test.
However, Liu said his ex-girlfriend, the boy’s mother, refused to believe it and was still searching for the boy,
Last week, China Press reported that the boy’s mother left Zhi Xian with the babysitter less than a month ago and found her son missing when she went to pick him up on June 28. - theStarOnline

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